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By | 31.10.2020

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103 thoughts on “Casino ruleti denir

  1. Frank Mulligan

    Notice in the very last scene how the camera slightly pans down on what looks like an object made of Lucite playing cards before continuing to Robert Deniros face. I wonder if there was a reason Martin Scorsese did that.

  2. Gypsy Alex

    That 18k Piaget watch & glasses enough said. 💵 🔮

  3. Louie And Tommys Discount Editing Palace

    The main characters of Goodfellas and Casino end on similar moods (ie: “We had it so good. Now it’s gone”).

    Only difference is that Ace seems to be fairly content with change, and moves on, where as Henry will probably be a moody bitch for the rest of his life.

    EDIT: I just realized that Ace got to keep doing what he loved after everything. Henry couldn’t because he was on probation.

    1. TheMysteriousCatPerson

      Ace played by the rules and stuck to his principles

  4. Daniel M.

    Casino is a masterpiece, Scorsese knows how to make movies

  5. Miral Abualjadail

    The story is partly real!

  6. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    So weird now that Deniro is antiTrump and Woods is pro. Art isnt imitating life anymore. Theyre blurred. And I dont like it.

  7. traveller4life123

    I’ve been to Vegas and I’ll never go back. No class or character just a bunch of fat fuckers in pantsuits.

  8. Boss Umbra

    At least the Mob was honest about being criminals. Corporations do the same thing but with a big smile on their faces. So big and infectious we can’t help but smile with them.


    It’s Amazing how Sam Rothstein Outlived almost everyone in this movie.

  10. Ralph Nuolo

    So ,,,, San Diego meant crap? Just asking

    1. JEDI

      Nope. San Diego meant a second chance. He survived it. Vegas was finished. The town will never be the same

    2. JEDI

      I used to live in that guys house.

  11. Patske Patske

    Coffee with cullota bought me here.

  12. Miss Vishis

    A classic, one of the best movies ever made 👌💯

  13. Davon Demar

    Thank you for leaving the credits in. Scorsese movies have the most powerful ending sequences and music.

  14. min11benja otros videos

    Where is the other scene where he is picking winners and people are following him around to copy his picks? or is that another movie?

  15. Marko Percinlic

    I believe mafia still runs vegas.

  16. Natalie Panaro Stack

    Ace was the only one left surviving. Its fitting he went back to the basics & realized never to screw up a good thing again. If he had never gotten mixed up with ginger & gave that cowboy guy s brother in law a low end job things would have been different. I loved when the cowboy said your just our guests that was the beginning of the end. Ace got too stubborn & big headed to realize that u have to make certain concessions to keep peace.

  17. Lucas

    Its match 1st 2020, I just watched this movie for the first time tonight and I loved it. What a fantastic movie this is.

  18. anorourke

    Gotta admit it’s a little over my head the disdain in his voice mentioning junk bonds to finance the new casinos… is he scoffing at the squareness in contrast to the mob era, or offering a cynical comparison between corporations and crooks (were the junk bond holders ripped off)?

  19. Lo Striscione

    love the film! but wasnt rosenthal lefthanded in writing also(lefty)?

  20. Mike Greensmith

    The lion at MGM grand got taken down sometime later on cause in Chinese culture walking through the mouth of a lion is considered to be bad luck and the Chinese high rollers werent going to the casino because of that.

  21. Archangel 15

    Robert Deniro was right Trump will a try to start a war to steal the election. We cant let this happen. Trump just deputized millions of Russian and Chinese soldiers. Incendiary comments equal an incendiary response. One of my favorite films of all time. Ginger knows how to keep ya going.

  22. Aidan Mitchell

    Let me say props to you for including the credits in the ending.

  23. D Dixon

    And in the end, I complain about the President in front of a bunch of rich Hollywood assholes who live in an echo chamber, and thats, that.

  24. Phil T

    What a beautiful ending. There’s a man who stuck to his beliefs and stayed true to himself and stayed the course through all that hell while everyone else fell.

  25. Gomez1915

    Vegas sucked when this movie was made. It has gotten 1000 times worse. It’s been tailor made to accommodate foreigners (Chinese mostly). Everything is unbelievably expensive. To top it off, it has been overrun by every douchebag and money hungry slut in the world. It’s just a terrible place.

  26. bruno albano

    Scorsese warning to Hollywood: similar will happen to the big studios.

  27. andres diez

    Casino is a sublime piece of art.

  28. Bernardino Teixeira

    Um final simples, mas carregado de emoção, digno deste grande filme.

  29. John Spinelli

    Was that real footage of the buildings getting destroyed?

  30. Alex

    “And that’s that”

    Last words for Tommy when they whacked him in Goodfellas!

  31. Max Cady.89

    Could of wore bigger glasses.

  32. Wayne Hoxit

    Was there a main reason Frankie and the gang killed Nicky and his brother towards the end of casino just asking

  33. Catharsis

    Right back where he started. With glasses so big Harry Caray said Holy Cow.

  34. infinite 4 destruction

    That wasnt a controlled demolition that was a building struck by a 747 airplane I know one when I see it

  35. oldskool

    Sadly films like this are a rare event. This had everything, storyline, great cast, humour, violence, the score and cinematography. Now the film industry is polluted by superhero bullshit

  36. ISpeaktheTruth

    Vegas now is kickass imo. Clubs djs pool parties made it easier to hook up with girls!

  37. M.G. N

    Martin Scorseses masterpiece, hands down, was The Departed. Brilliant writing for the screenplay and his direction was flawless. The rest is just filling.

  38. Junior Ashton

    they dont call vegas sin city for nothing

  39. Chad Clifford

    this scorses worst film next to good fellas

  40. Kai

    This movie is just as good as goodfellas I don’t know why there’s a lot of hate behind this movie

  41. Michael Chua

    And that’s where we found out who pat sr is… ???

  42. ElCínefiloSV

    i want to go to Las Vegas and try to play some betting games for the first time.

  43. pinkpantherer

    Best film ever made by a country mile

  44. Lucas Filewalker

    Thats that for a warlock of Pervywood. .

  45. Repo ManND (RepoManIndy)

    Ah yes. Before De Niro lost his mind and started talking shit about a man who has literally accomplished more than he ever will..

  46. leandean100

    I served 4 years in the Marines, then 4 years in College with high hopes, then 6 years working dead end jobs and now finally teaching high school and back where I started,…….and thats that, why mess up a good thing (cue music)

  47. Dakinayan TV

    Many critics compared Casino unfavorably with Goodfellas but they really are two different kinds of films. Goodfellas was more like a classic gangster epic while Casino was a cross sectional view of American society from the late sixties to the early eighties, with the rise of the speculator culture.

  48. Abdul Rahman

    Wow, The Weeknds After Hours look is really inspired by this movie. The red blazer, the sunglasses

  49. strangebrew420

    He’s so right about Vegas these days. It’s literally Disney with gambling

  50. De Mam41

    Such odd music in the credits for a movie about mafia activity in Vegas..that’s music for like a romantic drama film lol

  51. Leo Bond Arenales

    Today it’s like checking into an airport

  52. 1997residente

    Cinema will never be the same. After The Avengers,Walt Disney company took all over. Today, theatres look like theme parks.

  53. Ben Nas

    Stupid movie. Sharon stone role is weird. There is no need for her to act messed up. Her husband was good to her… And Nikki is loud and silly…

  54. Fernando Del Arco

    I think Casino is sadder than Goodfellas, at least the ending is sad, besides I think the movie is more realistic and if you find the whole movie is a requiem and the soundtrack is clue of that, in the beggining has funny and happy song and in the end the music is dark and depressive

  55. The Eagle

    1:43 *Jesus those THICK LENSES!!! He looks like Martin Scorsese right there!!*


    and i can still make all kinds of money for people back home and why mess up a good shinebox? and thats that

  57. Hans LePetit

    This movie is a masterpiece.. and that’s that..

  58. Giovanni Colio02

    1:34 me getting my shit straight.

  59. Alex Cyrson

    In GoodFellas Robert De niro had big glasses, in Casino there even bigger.

  60. Uber

    whos here from ryans resignation

  61. Dick Tease

    God bless Martin Scorsese.

  62. William TOAD

    I think this movie shows Las Vegas during the rapid growth mafia, Sinatra Presley era or its golden age 1960s and 1970s with them in paradise, also the name of the section that contains a good chunk of the strip

    Then the era of uncertainty 1980s (the first half of it) which ended with the opening of The Mirage shows it with the main characters losing everything and being forced out

    And this sums up the Disneyfication or corporate takeover era or its silver age 1989-2008 (which was the current era this was made, 2 years after the opening of Pirate Bay and MGM Pyramids)

  63. natureboy19831

    How come DeNiro didnt get WAKKED in the END!?

    I STILL havent figured it out YET??

    Ive watched this MOVIE plenty… in FACT I think I like it BETTER THAN Goodfellas!!

    If everybody ELSE got wakked!?

    why not him too!?

    I GUESS i keep missing that part, has too why he doesnt get… WAKKED!! 😆

  64. Rick Ross

    No I was having lunch with Bill and Hillary and I walked outside and Robynn Barker shot me in the neck!!!

  65. StrongArm888

    Ha! Best scene in the movie. How true, corporations ruined Vegas

  66. kasra khatir

    Casino: I have the most depressing ending in a Scorsese movie

    Irishman: Hold my Grape Juice

  67. Moritz Kiefer

    Unpopular opinion Casino>goodfellas

  68. Detective Fingerling

    Still wondering about his daughter though

  69. Jonathan

    Camille by Delerue. Masterpiece

  70. Shawny 400

    This shot with the building being torn down with the music and new casinos being built symbolizes the casino and everyone’s down fall what a masterpiece 0:01

  71. Guillermo Proano

    Ace is absolutely right about how Las Vegas is today. Its one big adult amusement park.

  72. Eric Hodge

    On a daily basis I say, And thats, that.

  73. Lisa Gay

    Best movie loved it the acking was so amazing loved it thank,you 🤣🤔🙄😎😎😍😋😋

  74. Hans LePetit

    Georges Delerue – Camille .. a masterpiece song for a masterpiece movie

  75. Miguel Ebro

    never have i ever wanted a blueberry muffin more than after watching this movie

  76. Doctor Pablo

    Used to hate Casino and Love Goodfellas. Grew up to love Casino and Goodfellas. Why mess up a good thing. RIP.

  77. Gabe Selden

    That ending score always makes me so emotional. What an amazing film

  78. Dylan Rivera

    This ending is just beautiful, first is the last bit of brutality with Nickys death, then the explosive and operatic end of the casinos and showing present day, ending with the quiet and somber final scene and credits.

  79. Richard Hayes

    A better closing line to any film ever, you never will see. And that’s that.

  80. Cormac Cor

    Shout out to all the Le Mépris fans.

  81. Miral Abualjadail

    What happened to his daughter Amy?

  82. Troy Weaver

    Oh wow, when he said, Teamsters. I immediately connected to, The Irishman.

  83. Stefan Starosta

    am i the only one who sees Reuben from oceans eleven? this movie looks like prequel to oceans

  84. redcat10

    What is the name of the piano theme that plays at the very end of the credits?

  85. TonesTheGeek

    The Tangiers was based off the Stardust, which we see the implosion of twice in this scene. The land it was on is where theyre building Resorts World, fitting for what De Niro said about it looking like Disneyland. Its all billion dollar integrated resorts now.

  86. Joe Luis

    today it looks like *D I S N E Y L A N D*

  87. Miral Abualjadail

    Back then Scorese tried to make them look older now he tried to make them look younger🤣 Crazy how things change.

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