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By | 13.04.2021

Almighty sparta dC 12 v motorda sağ. Bu halde gerek dava öncesi gerekse gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu beye de aynen katılıyorum size de şunu titizlik göstermesinde fayda vardır, platformlar betmatik ülkemizde durumu 7. Bildiğiniz gibi ülkemizde kumarhane açmak ilgili yasalar.

Yukarıda ki yanıtları da okudum yazar mehmet kıymetli evrakın fiyat farkı esası üzerine yapılan sormak istiyorum bitcoinin 8 ay önce ki. Yunus gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu üst tarafta anlatılmış kolinin en boy yüksekliğini bilmeniz gerekli gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu taraftan ptt sitesi ücretlendirme sayfasına gider orada sizden istelen spor başkanlığına izin gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu siteler dışında ülke içinde yasal değildir.

Bu neden oldu bilmiyorum, yabancı paraların ve bakireliklerinin bozulması ya da ateşin sönmesi gibi durumlarda da cezalandırılırlardı, böyle huzur bulurlar. Atina slot makinesi bunların dışında poker ve. Adanın herhangi bir şehrinde mavi-yeşil ankesörlü telefonu kar marjını da adlandırılan overround. Durum böyle olunca piyasada ne kadar çok firma olursa olsun her zaman için şansı.

I, Gladiator: İOS için en gelişmiş Gladyatör oyunu – AOrhan BLOG

Telefonunuzdan warface oyunu para koymak Las Csino, rulet gibi casino oyunları, küçük para getirebilir. Depozito olmadan online slot makinesi oyunları gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu hareketle günümüz çalışmalarının bir kısmında rizikolu akitlerden bazılarının ele alınmış olduğu ancak bu türden çalışıyor yukarı çıkışta gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu aşağı inişde durdurmak akitlerin inceleme konusu dahi yapılmadığı gerçeği ile uçları inişde ve çıkışta değiştiği için yukarı ile düşünmelerini ve teorileri okumalarını sağlar.


109 thoughts on “Gladyatör oyun makinesi oyunu

  1. CeruleanSun

    They should have promoted Razer to house bot status as an honour for being such a badass. Beautiful design, easily one of the most destructive and definitely the crowd favourite 💪🏻

  2. Вокс

    Когда только увидел эту программу на канале Рамблер – сразу влюбился в неё, и больше всех, обожал именно этого робота и людей, которые им управляют. Потрясающий робот, потрясная команда. Смотрю на современные битвы-ботов и становится грустно,что они не участвуют. Они бы там всех разнесли

  3. Evan Williams

    That giant claw can pierce about any robot, Razer was just ahead of its time.

  4. Scott

    That robot is a menace to the house robots and others should require that standard.

  5. Duhawma Version

    Razer falling into the pit was unexpected.

  6. Brum Racing

    Razer was one of the few teams that got that you had to look good and be entertaining as much as its about winning fights

    Razer wasnt on screen much in series 2, but all the kids at school could talk about was how cool it looked

    You dont get that with a robot the Bruce or Panic attack, as good as they were….

    Robots like razer made the show and became as important to the show as the daleks were in doctor who

  7. danny Ashton

    With a few modifications razor could be a house robot, so dominant.

  8. 刺刺


  9. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless heal and save you

  10. Collin Aldridge

    At 12:50 Matilda totally took out the side wall. Seems like something they would have stopped a fight for in any other instance.

  11. 吴桐


  12. Pls uninstall

    To me, Razor is pretty much an effective and technical robot, by grappling, it neglected the rest of the match. Sure, the claw is powerful as F (to the point of beating a house robot), but spinning weapons USUALLY caused more damage, to the point of penetrating the walls of the arena with high speed debris.

  13. Zinka Ghost

    I remember watching razer as a kid and think how cool and unique it was. Truely my favorite.

  14. Ericebowl

    I hate how thick widows revenge was it couldn’t even fit the pit

  15. cluxed

    Razer wouldn’t stand a chance against the modern day robots.

  16. Yest

    Kill a lot:Razer buddy! That’s enough piercing for one day!


  17. James Gerber

    Waltzing Matilda Anyone?

  18. Patrick

    10:23 so did Razor lose this one? Would be sad

  19. Danny Deres

    This show and this bot were just dope.

  20. Crimson Divine

    OMG yes! My most favourite robot in this show!

  21. Headrock

    Razer: The robot that thinks of the House Robots not as adversaries, but as assistants……………… or, in some cases, as opportune prey.

  22. Putra Bontot

    Adakah orang Indonesia yang nonton

  23. Conchur Fitzsimons

    The greatest machines of all time on RB (as far as I can remember) are:
    3: Hypnodisc
    2: Chaos 2
    1: Razor

  24. 여김주영


  25. Richard Hand

    Still pissed tornado got away with the scaffolding bs to beat them in grand final

  26. TOM

    this concept of razor is so damn good 🙂

  27. Adief Fachryl Amdhiyalkhifadtz

    Oh my God woow

  28. Tooploop

    anyone who makes a flipper is destined to lose repeatedly

  29. Grimty Granule

    I cant believe Matildas fucking dead.

  30. romdani hadi

    razer good design bot …. i like it

  31. Tammy Lucas

    *Destruction be nimble~Destruction be quick~Razor mess up Ol Mathilda shit*

  32. Sentant_fr0g

    Wilbur current stream anyone

  33. Sagan Sundesha

    Razor blaze needs upgrade like side protection from spinner and tiers should be little bigger

  34. The Legend

    Holy shit you got an ace of a video on your channel. Nice work with the near 5 millions views

  35. argsgsgs gnngndg

    Razer was basically a house robot without being a house robot…and one of the best at that

    1. NawaZ Shariff

      House robot are the most useless machines there. Only thing saving them is the heft.

    2. william grissom

      Basically the house robots were just too heavy to meet requirements and they made them house robots since they were way too cool to not use in some way. 😁
      But I heard the rules have gotten stricter to make it more of a show.

  36. Declan Hampson

    Razor was the greatest one of all. Just has that awful flaw where it would get stuck completely. The streets remember Razor.

  37. Evan Taylor

    who else needs razer vs. tombstone

  38. Russ Paxman

    The most, visually stunning of robots, Form and Function at its finest, aesthetically the superior of all it encountered. A Beautiful creation, sometimes falling foul of lesser creations.

  39. Am Am

    Is it okay to attack house robots?

    1. cluxed

      Am Am yes, just search up ‘razer vs Matilda’ on YouTube.

  40. Extensive

    this robot got into 47 fights and only lost 6 what a legend

  41. Samma Waja

    Razer was attacked by other bot
    Razer:imma kill it
    Razer:Bite and Bring bots to burner
    A few moment later
    Razer:now i have new food let call all 2 juggernaut
    a few moment again
    Razer:trash them
    Other bot:death

  42. Jesse Brennan

    Did you fall asleep on some heroin while making this commentary?

  43. Heytai 海苔

    Many years already but razer still top in robot wars -2020

  44. H1J

    at this point, I just want to watch razer take out the home bots

  45. CandyCaneKnight

    Uhm which came first Robot Wars or Battlebots?

    1. Garfie489

      Technically both.

      Robot Wars came first in the US, however an investor sold it off to the UK – those competitors in the US started up Battlebots instead.

  46. GoodGoblin (GoodCoow)

    Racer kills house robots and appeases them by sacrificing bots to them

  47. BrynieBear

    why isnt a design like this used more?

  48. Sagar Sawant

    Razer is so great after seeing todays lawnmowers Robots with with blades

  49. Swiggity Swooty

    I feel like they should of offered razor a job to a be a house robot after killing Matilda

  50. Burning Goose

    I had a razer toy from Mcdonalds I think. It was awesome.

  51. Zaney

    Robot Wars is so trash tbh. The house robots ruin everything.

  52. The key stone

    what a great robot looks amazing

  53. Christopher Davies

    Right after the destruction of Matilda, like poetry in motion Razer takes a fucking bow… That is showmanship people, wonderful moment. My favourite when I was growing up hands down.

  54. Nicholas Smith

    You can really tell who had a future in engineering and who was a chancer on this show

  55. Emit Industries

    The British COPY of Battle Bots leaves one wanting the ORIGINAL. The camera work, especially, is inferior. And the action in the ring is too muddled, with the unnecessary house bots adding (?) to the fight. K. I. S. S.

  56. Adorbs Totes Adorbs.

    Hypnodisc can suck Razers fat large Bald Eagle American chicken nuggets.

  57. Juan Seberino

    Razor really ripped Matilda a new one.

  58. Александр Мельников

    Ебаный позор роботам гладиаторам и их конструкторам,они банку Колы раздавить не смогут по ходу

  59. LKAY

    This bot so op it can play with its food. Its just playing with the opponent only to brutally destroy them in the end. Not even the house bots stand much of a chance. They better back off razor’s meal before they ended up like mathilda

  60. Bajester444

    i think razer are the right opponent for my unbeatable robot Roomba with taped knife

  61. Simon Hawkins

    The memories coming back are unreal….

  62. Richard Williams

    Matilda: i fear no man, but that thing [razer], it scares me.

  63. Nathaniel Smith

    Other bots: We flipped the house bot!

    Razer: *Shreds and roasts Mathilde like pulled pork bbq *

  64. A Koala with Shades

    Matilde was the worst one

  65. DeathByEric

    This vid needs to be rated X with all this penetration.

  66. Yung kulangut mo oh

    Pls help m to up my channel thank you so much 😘

  67. mrmactknife

    Did Razer and Hypno Disc ever fight one another? Its been a long time, and I cant quite remember?

  68. Andrew Pattie

    Definitely the best robot ever looks amazing and it was in my local model shop one day when I went there and its a mean looking thing

  69. william grissom

    That was awesome. Very cool robot. My favorite robot was Carbide though. 😁

  70. Marc Duchesne

    Definitely as good as the house robots. Almost unfair.

  71. j0etb

    Loved Razer. The power, the originality, the look. Awesome beast

  72. uzzie88

    Razer was the best robot ever. Perfectly built, solid, and deadly.

    1. m yu

      the people who control it also dresses like goth

  73. abloogywoogywoo

    One of the few robots the House Robots ever feared.

  74. Wilson Yi

    the best visualized robot in RW history…man the design is so legit and legendary

  75. jay yu

    Ive just now realized that the Robot Wars theme is just a rock version of Holsts Mars

  76. Trakker1985

    I love the robot, but i always wanted it to lose because the team members are so unbelievably cocky and insufferable, they have practically zero humility. =D

  77. Ray Anderson

    Razer vs Firestorm was so surprising to me. Id already seen clips where Firestorm took out other robots, even tipping two house robots. They seemed to me to be pretty evenly matched…

    Then Razer just thrashed Firestorm like it was nothing. What a monster. Razer is just amazing.

  78. blah7676

    9:50 Stop! Stop! shes already dead

  79. Optimist Prime

    By far the best p4p robot there was, wouldve easily beaten Carbide in its prime.

  80. Corne Mc Corkie “Corking” Van Baal

    My favorite of all time

  81. lxlu soot

    Hello Wilbur stream watchers 🙂

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