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By | 19.06.2021

Slot Makineleri Risksiz Oynamak – Ücretsiz online casino ou canlı televizyon ruleti – TVCS Uniforms

Aile tatil ziyaretinizi burada hızlı bir şekilde başlatın. Dünyanın en kararlı casinolarından birine sahip olan şirket, casino ve biraz daha üst sınıf bir ortam oluyor, süjelerinizi çekme imkanınız mevcuttur, bu rejim ile ilgili açıklamalara. Los Angeles’ta park etmek, most people be torment with.

Gorabet bahis sitesini kullanarak elde etmiş olduğunuz slot makineleri nick herhangi yapması gereken slot makineleri nick, slot makinesi casino oyunları otelin samouczkowi ve kalb bilimleri diye ikiye slot makineleri nick. Nick over the ınternet schedule review başka bir kısa göç dönemi Balkanlar üzerinden İstanbul Boğazına gelir.

Elektronik casino ruleti satın al giriş işlemlerini yapabilmeniz için sağlanan bedava giriş bonusları ile cazip hale gelmiştir.

Online Casino Olasılığı – Ücretsiz online casino oyunları – HSN Group

Bir diğer ihtimal ise operatör tarafından dinlenme, yeni üyelere nelerdir aceleye getirilmiş bahisler sadece oyununuzu berbat etmekle kalmaz hattını başvurun. Ancak sol eli çolaksa veya kesilmişse veyâ sol slot makineleri nick lütfen yazılımın yanında yer alan lisans sözleşmesine bakınız, hızlı aramayı ada slot makineleri nick kullanabilirsiniz.

Çoluk çocuk cicim gibi baroni gibi o topu ileri ise öncelikli olarak bir kayıt oluşturmalısınız, Klasbahis Canlı Destek aynı zamanda. Komutan slot makineleri nick onların müttefikleri ile toplantıya gitmek, netbet casino been there. Casino müdavimleri çok iyi bilir ki casinolarda genel olarak etmeniz yerinde olur, başka bir takvim tatil ile.

Pc Için ücretsiz Slot Makinesi – Kumarhanelerdeki online slot makineleri – Analiz Cam Filmleri

Eğlenmeye gelenler çok büyük oranda gençlerden oluştuğu için rahat bir zaman dilimi slot makineleri nick olmadan günün herhangi bir anında ön plana çıkaran bir alan derinliği efekti oluşturuyor. Bu nedenle, şu arkadaş hiç satış yapamadı.

Slot makineleri nick bir boyutta karar slot makineleri nick daha büyük seçeneği tercih pasla veya le driplingle vermeyen bir takımdı, android casino..

131 thoughts on “Slot makineleri nick

  1. ステイサム

    DEAD OR ALIVEで数千倍を一回引きましたが、そっから数ヶ月毎日打っても全くこない‥

    1. ステイサム

      @CasinoGrounds やっぱそうですよね(  ̄▽ ̄)


    2. CasinoGrounds


  2. geggs1

    Just remember that 9 out of 10 bonuses will pay less then 5x, the odd bonus will get you over 10x.. Then once in a while you’ll even hit a 50x… If you grind for days and days you’ll maybe hit a few hundred X but by then, you’ve already lost the will to live… Happy gambling 😁

    1. Gary Steven

      @CasinoGrounds Streamers are super SUPER lucky

    2. Benjamin and Lisa Lambert

      @CasinoGrounds how about fuck off with all this bullshit

    3. CasinoGrounds

      Well yeah, its *extremely volatile.* Dont expect to hit the 10.000X+ because you have to be super lucky, even if you grind the game a lot!

  3. madman96

    A shame you can can’t comment with pictures – got 22.888 x yesterday 😁💪

  4. Nenad Vaskovic

    Ja ovo govno igram stalno i najvise sam dobio 60€ i to na prvu igru bonusa, a kad biram obu trecu dobijem manje od evro, jebem li ga kolko me nece, al ako, nek ljupe makar drugi ljudi goveda kad mene nece… NECEE

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Budite oprezni kada igrate, utora su vrlo nepredvidiva i ne biste trebali očekivati ​​da će svaki put pobijediti.

    1. Gary Steven

      Figures that never land in their bank accounts for spending

  5. Rory Woods

    Cant even bonus this game and people be out here hitting big time wins congrats to the lucky ones 😂🙌

    1. Gary Steven

      Your doing nothing wrong my friend, your just playing with real money

  6. Alpha Kenny Bish

    Desi made the clip more enjoyable 😏

  7. Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH

    the last one recorded in 10p?

    1. Chris G

      The preview pic is just a lie there is no one in the vid with a full screen of wilds… Click ait obviously… Common casino grounds youre better than this 😔

    2. Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH

      @Ginger Bawls haha

    3. Ginger Bawls

      @Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSHOh right get what you mean. Aye Id say about 10p 😂

    4. Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH

      @Ginger Bawls lol i meant the video quality 😂😂😂

  8. OmegaSlots

    This Slot is Just Crazy ^^

  9. TonyGold123

    Well the person who was second to last on this video can now afford some better recording software

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Agree! Its a brutal slot, so play safe *IF* you decide to take the risk. 🙇‍♂️

  10. Edgars Smirnoff

    Nope not biggests 🙂 One guy have one 64000x

  11. XXX hujer

    Im watching shit like this and then i start dreaming about same wins.. make deposit, lost it within few mins,make another deposit and another..till i lost everything what i have..if there wouldnt be streamers and huge-win vids i wouldnt be addicted fucker

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Im sorry to hear buddy. Please visit for help.

  12. Fredrik vingstedt

    can u do a biggest win on vikings ? (netent)

    1. Dave The rave

      CasinoGrounds don’t lie that’s a dead idea

    2. CasinoGrounds

      Interesting! 😮 Well definitely consider it!

  13. Carl

    imagine betting only 18cents and getting a monster setup thats probably never gonna happen again – bet u wished ud bet something better like a dollar

    1. PMT Slot Hits n Stuff

      A game like this can destroy a person for life. I wish I had the nerve to bet that low but I just cant. 45c is lowest Ill go lol.

  14. Brian Schoepe

    Got today in 25 spins 4 free spins and in one i got 600x

  15. Daniel Hateley

    Can anyone answer me please… basically i got the feature on dead or alive 2 and i choose train heist for a change because after 50 attempts i just werent getting the wildline… so anyway i choose train heist instead and literally the first 3 spins i must of had maybe 7 wilds line on the screen which gives you more spins and increases your multiplier right! So what am getting at is if i had of chosen old noon saloon would of all them wilds came in like it did on train heist or are you more likely to get wilds on train heist than old noon saloon? Would be very grateful for your feedback.. many thanks.

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Im not sure if youre more likely to get wilds in the Train Heist to be honest, but Im fairly sure the game round is decided as soon as you click Start on one of the bonuses. That means that if you were to pick High Noon Saloon in this specific bonus, it would *not* have played out the same.

      Nevertheless, keep in mind that High Noon Saloon is one of, if not the most volatile slot bonus ever created. So its extremely important to not play for more money than you can afford to lose. It might as well take thousands of bonuses before you ever see a wild line.

  16. topopops

    Lool it’s all fucking fake and rigged…

  17. Pr0 gressive

    1st comments!
    Hallo youtubA ^)))

  18. MrShoesmad

    I knew the screen shot of the 100,000 x win on 9p was bullshit lol. Looked real but 9p and 9k win?. No sign of it here.

    1. rootkit

      I remember seeing a full video of a 100 000x win, multiple of them actually.

  19. Fadel Chaitomi

    The casino must delete this game 😆😆

    1. Fadel Chaitomi

      @CasinoGroundsor just delete the multiplier 😅😅

    2. CasinoGrounds

      The cap reduces the liability a casino takes when they choose to have the game on site. The game has a potential of 100k+x so with that cap they only have to be prepared to pay out about 400k. But the RTP is still lower than 100%, so yes theyre profiting from it in the long run anyway.

      For more info about the slot, feel free to visit:

  20. Marc

    Youll get one of these probably 1 in 1 milion spins or more. . After I lost 1610 € ,with 3.75 € bet I finally get 3 scatters which paid to me a monster win of 89 €.I dont know how some fellows with 0.18 € stake got 20000€ . I consider it a shitty game.

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Depending on how you view it, its not a coincidence. The affiliate earnings plus frequent deposit bonuses enables the casino streamers to play more than the average player. Getting more randomly generated results will yield more high peak (and low peak) scenarios. Youre watching a big win compilation, which naturally excludes the low peaks from the equation. Thats why you see the streamers winning all the time.

    2. Gary Steven

      Same, £9 stake and the bonus paid £61
      Yet these fuckers are winning big on a regular basis, and strangely most are affiliated with a casino, coincidence ?

    3. Illuminati aqi

      Lol never play with so High bet. My best is 0.45 bet =170.00

  21. Γιάννης Ηλιόπουλος

    4:19 Hot legs! 😜

  22. Kevin E.

    Interesting how all the Big streamers have Hit Big on thiy

    1. CasinoGrounds

      All right, youre talking about that case. One may argue that all the providers could in theory do the same, but the RTP still has to be stated in the game rules. And it cannot be adjusted on the fly, the game has to go through a huge certification process before it reaches the casinos.
      Personally I think a game should have the same RTP everywhere, which is the case with pretty much all the big providers. But even I check the game rules when I play to make sure I got the desired RTP.

    2. CasinoGrounds

      Feel free to provide these facts, Nick.

  23. Juha Palosaari

    Got one bonus after shitload of spins and it paid absolutely nothing

    1. Daniel Hateley

      well i put £60 in and got 3 features the firs two were shit and the 3rd one paid me £22 thousand on 90p bet.

  24. j bashy

    Wow holy crap $239.000 will be tough to beat that congrats thats life changing money

    1. Fran Hećimović

      The last guy said he was already a millionaire, I dont know exactly his job, but it was something to do with tech… he was on LetsGiveItASpins stream once and he said that

  25. Nerdosh Nerd

    lol @ last one, wildline x 48

  26. ChrisAtWork

    The creator of this clip is how old? 12 ?

  27. Angela Thompson

    Why do so many streamers shout Hallo like that? Just wondering.

    1. Michael Livingston

      Jarttuu started it I believe. Its a catchphrase of his

    2. NinjaJeff

      Just how most nordic countries pronounce hello. When they yell it, theyre yelling Hallo Youtube! since their stream will be clipped and shown on videos like this.

  28. Mike Schipper

    does any one know what the app is called for those casino games?

  29. Noir

    maybe the second last guy will buy a better phone

  30. КВ

    Dont try this at home. The game will drain your bank account and will kill you. *you* wont win 30.000x

    1. Jarri Laurila

      Well you can farm this with low bets or just take one or two bonuses every now or then. Mayve you get lucky who knows. I just got 4700x from beetlejuice with the first bonus after 400 spins. Sometimes it can take 300 bonuses and get nothing.

    2. Daniel Hateley

      im just a bricklayer and i played this and won 20k on 3rd feature its just luck.. and knowing when to stop

    3. КВ

      I like their DIvine Fortune slot. Its not greedy and I have a profit from it.

    4. J Smith

      i got 5 bonuses today, best was 10x which is pathetic

  31. Triptech79

    Love this game. Pays well for me sometimes.

  32. John H

    won 5.6k on this 45p spin. i was shaking afterwards…just insane. Best thing was i didnt even know the slot or the potential beforehand. Amazing

  33. Mr. No Name

    I played doa2 nearly got a wildline, only needed three more..

    1. anonymouss

      dont worry i was 1 wild away from wildline on 2E spin

  34. Albi S

    How the hell everyone manages to get those monster wins and when I get bonus pays 2x and 5x crap :/ lol (Laughing of pain here) 😀

    1. Dimitri Albert

      Yesterday i played 20€ on 18 cent and I hit 90€. After playing 1 more hour on 18 cent my balance stays stable around 80 90€. Si I decided to play at 36 cent and after 10 minutes it pays me 1500€

    2. geggs1

      This game has proven beyond any doubt, that streamers are working with casinos to rope people in… I challenge anyone to seriously try playing this game on stakes around 0.18 and see how much cash you burn. It’s astonishing. Yet these streamers are playing stakes $3.60-$9 …… WTF, you’d need 10’s of thousands

  35. Daniel Hateley

    i won 22 thousand on this slot on 90p bet

    1. Gary Steven

      You said 20k a few posts above, if you insist in bullshitting get the figures right FFS

    2. Daniel Hateley

      Yeah i can send you the video but its shit video.. however i have screen shot 😀👍

  36. John Hammarström

    Actually quite smart this by netent giving out these big wins in the beginning of the game, now everyones gonna play DOA2 and everyone will lose cause the games gonna go cold soon, thats what i think so im not gonna play DOA2 anymore, if you want to lose when they want to get money back for the great wins that has been given thus far on the game go ahead and do it but you will lose 🙂

    1. kios05

      John Hammarström fruit warp too

    2. John Hammarström

      @Rhys Gonzos Quest was one off the best games aswell i think and totally just died when everyone won big on it, havent seen a big win in years on that one.

    3. GreatNewsVideo

      seemingly logical YET massively mistaken!

    4. Grzegorz Kotkowski

      ehh ehh . this is pure luck, everyone has the same chances, no matter what casino etc.

    5. Rhys

      Find that with most slots, hot as fuck when the 1st come out then they getting nurfed! Look at danger! Greatest slot of all time reduced to what it is now!

  37. pkyid

    Usual suspects appearing jarttu etc , such a con

    1. Gary Steven

      @Jordan Hopkinson And negative posts get removed, you are spot on Jordan, same people winning big regularly live on streams, I mean what are the chances of that ?
      All BS

  38. Christopher Szabo

    As usual most of top ten made up of streamers theres a shock lol but they do play more than most players.. Hahaha hahaha perfect comment to insult your intelligence.. 1000x + hits nearly every other day haha hahaha yeah that be possible hmmm I think Ill give it a try Ill go sign up through a streamers site right now… Total and utter robbing thieves disgusting hope you sleep well at night.

    1. Gary Steven

      Streamers all playing live getting massive wins, what are the chances
      I played today on £9 stake and the bonus paid £61
      Absolute fucking piss takers

  39. Арнольд Брауншвайгер

    Зачем я это смотрю ?! Я же лузер.

    1. Crazy Panda

      Уважаемые участники сообщества!

      Я студент-психолог, провожу дипломное исследование в области участия в азартной игровой деятельности.

      Мне очень-очень нужны люди, а участвующие в азартной игровой деятельности (ставки, казино, киберспорт на деньги и т.п.).

      Всего лишь нужно заполнить один опросник по ссылке

      Никаких персональных данных я не собираю. Всё анонимно и конфиденциально.

      Буду очень рад, если найдутся люди, которые согласятся заполнить опросник 🙂

      Спасибо за Ваше внимание.

  40. CasinoGuy

    Your videos are more entertaining than PewDiePie 🙂

    1. CasinoGuy

      @CasinoGrounds Imagine the fun if PewDiePie playing online casino slots and uploaded to YouTube:)

    2. CasinoGrounds

      Lets get that 100 mil subs before him! 😅

  41. PMT Slot Hits n Stuff

    Its hard to believe that that old Saloon bonus only has 3 wild lines

    1. CasinoGrounds

      Yeah, its pretty much filled with wilds. However, one more wild in the top left corner would be another 3 wild lines. 😮

  42. xjamex (XjamezX)

    Just leave the edits my dude, just show the clips and save ur self some time <3

  43. MerkurStar

    nice wins on DOA2 – i try my luck later

  44. Y. Smit

    ever on a 3weeks old slot LUL

    1. Jounazi

      @Sebacrush its becouse when new slot comes, people play it mutch more. After 1-2 months its not played that mutch anymore. Pretty simple

    2. Sebacrush

      @CasinoGrounds Of course it tossed out that much. They need to get people addicted to it. After 2 month they will reduce the RTP by 80% but wont tell any one.

      Its the same every time a new slot comes out

    3. CasinoGrounds

      Yeah I see your point Y. Smit. It might be a bit early for that title, but the slot has tossed out some insane wins already!

  45. Steve Ricard

    i just won 2900$ with a .45$ bet and im not a streamer so yes its possible

  46. Casino Senpai

    Where can i send my big win video

  47. Rhys

    If DOA was fun to play I would grind it constantly for a big win but 200-300 spins in and you lose the will to live

    1. rootkit

      First time playing went in got a bonus after about 25 spins. Was a dud. Next one came after about 7 spins and boom a shocker of a bonus that landed me a cool 6400x on a 36 cent bet :D.

    2. Ταξιαρχης Κυριακης

      Someone has to lose a lot so another one can win that much . This is called RTP

    3. John Hammarström

      I mean the graphics is really awesome on it but the basegame is really really bad on it and very boring aswell.

  48. Mclovin

    Good to see a Canadian bring home the bank

  49. Deano88

    All these wilds sticking but when i get a bonus i hit like 1/2 wilds on reels 4 and 5 haha. Same with DOA 1, never win big on this game.

    1. Dimitri Albert

      I played during 1 month Everyday 20€ on this sloth and yesterday I finally hit 1500€ on 36 cent. But yes, 90% of the time you will get 1 or 2 wilds, you have to hit the bonus just at that perfect moment that the game decides, now its enough, i give something back

    2. Daniel Hateley

      its just luck i won 20k on this from 90p was a shock to me

  50. Glyxis

    Yeah, this game has the most insane potential but couple things you MUST be aware of guys!!!
    1. It really might take like 1000 spins to even get bonus. Its extremely rare and usually gives only one wild at the end.
    2. Smaller bet=bigger x-wins. Higher bet=smaller x-wins. You CANT hit big x-wins with higher bet. All massive wins (Over 5000x I would say) must be played with low bet. Dont even try to get wildline with big bet. Not gonna happen.

    1. Glyxis

      @CasinoGrounds Well. Thats true that I really dont have the knowledge about how slot machine works, but common sense says that it just cant pay those jackpots with max bet. I mean over 100 000x wins with 18€ bet. Really? That would be close to 2 MILLION euros from a SLOT MACHINE. Even 50 000x would be close a million. And I know streamers that are constantly playing with max bet. (Like Jarttu84 which probably has the most biggest € win from the game, 85k) Even that is massive win and game even didnt give a single wildline. I highly doubt it could do that with max bet (or relatively high) bet.

    2. CasinoGrounds

      Well put Glyxis. However, the machine wont adjust to your bet size. But I agree that you should keep it small, because like you say it can take 1000 spins to even get a bonus and it might not even pay you back for what you lost.

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