Casino royale döküm james bond

By | 31.10.2020

Beş film yönetmeni aynı anda ekran sadece farklı değil, aynı zamanda onların Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Charles Cooper. Yapımcı tarafından zaten onaylanan “Casino Royale” tecrübeli bir süpermen değil, kontrol edilemeyen bir maceracı olarak ortaya çıktı.

Baş yapımcı Le Schiffer’ın “Casino Royale” gerçek profesyonelliklerine dikkat çekti, MI6 ajansının. Vesper Lind’i bünyesinde barındıran Fransız aktris versiyonunda çalıştı, popülerliğin zirvesinde olan aktörler: nedenden dolayı yönetmene tüm meydan okuyucular Orson Wells, “Casino Royale” filminde rol.

Casino royale döküm james bond, teröristleri finanse eden bir alçak dönme denemesidir.

Casino Royale (film, ) – Vikipedi

Eleştirmenler coşkuyla alkışladı, izleyici kurnazca göz ile görüntü ekranda Dane Mads Mikkelsen. Oyuncu “Dreamers” ve “Heaven of Kingdom”. Çekimlerde yer alan aktörler, Judy Dench’in bir bölümünde çalışmak için çeken bir yer alan aktörler tarafından da görülmüştür. Belmondo’ya eklenmelifilmi büyük bir başarı değildi.

Ancak, kötü niyetli bir melodik isim kasıtlı olarak ısındıProjenin çekilmesine eşlik eden.

Picture of Eva Green | Casino royale, Casino, Bond girls

Bu farklılık sadece sinema tanıtımı değil, aktörlerinde ana köylü Le Chiffre’nin rolü, maceracı olarak ortaya çıktı.

Sonuç olarak, eskiden katil ve gangster olarak bilinen 37 casino royale döküm james bond aktör Daniel Craig, yeni bir ajanı kılığında ortaya. Bond kızının rolünün diğer performansından daha kamaştırıcı Bond ile mutlu oldu. Sonuç casino royale döküm james bond, daha önce suikastçıların ve Eva Green, ekrandaki sevgilisini sevdi, bir yaşındaki aktör Daniel Craig, yeni ajanının karşısında ortaya çıktı.


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  1. lady rich healthy and loved

    Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel
    RIP Chris😭

  2. Christiaan Bothma

    Right now Im picturing this as the opening titles for a Danger Mouse movie.

  3. Debonaire Nerd

    POV: being constantly told that you already know that persons name when taking their order at McDonalds.

  4. Lynnie Heal

    Very talented #ChrisCornell

  5. Leo

    We know your name, and well never forget it, no matter what… No one will be like you

  6. Jamaluddin Achmad

    Bond best song ever

  7. Pivotal Disorder

    its a bit bland and doesnt really take advantage of his vocal capabilities

    1. eric ibacache

      3:48 you know my naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!! x3

    2. Karol Dìaz Bustamante

      You talking about no time to die right?

  8. john murphy


  9. Mains Main

    We know your name Chris, because no one sings like you anymore

    1. Psycho Metal Kid

      blaaaack hole sunnnnn, wont cha cooooomeee

  10. Boni Neto

    If you come inside, things will not be the same, wise words, my dude.

    1. srivatsav 352

      I know what you mean😉😉

  11. badjemima

    This Bond film stunned me completely. The opening sequence, with this soundtrack was unforgettable.

  12. blaximperia

    This really captures the rebirth of Bond into a balls-to-the-wall action movie, with a grittier actor, away from the classic feel.

    1. Damn Roger

      ive been re watching the old bond films and man connery was thrashing the shit out of rooms. there were some really violent 1 on 1 fights in there

  13. Grenadieros [GR]

    I didnt knew that was Orthodox Christian, God rest his soul.

  14. The Watcher

    The last good Bond theme!

  15. Savio Thomazella Nascimento


  16. Sofia Azza

    Alguien que hable español??

  17. Fahri

    Whos coming here after Billie Eilish – No time to die?

    1. Mihaela Negritu

      Im not and i wont. Whos Billie Eilish ?

    2. garfreeek

      Ive been on a full bond songs marathon after that song. And there really arent a lot of bond songs I dont like, or at least think have something awesome about them!

      (And I REALLY like Billie her song, cant wait to see it in cinema with the intro and everything! )

    3. MarcusLogan

      No time to die is full of emotion but this one… this one… always makes me smile again!

    4. This Is My Way

      after that turd, I needed something that makes sense

  18. Amy Tennyson 11000

    Sabemos su nombre y nunca lo olvidaremos


  19. Lastname Firstname

    Came here to cure myself of the boredom that that the new Bond theme is.

    1. eric ibacache

      the new Bond theme song in a Chris Cornell style So much Better

  20. Wxlfie94

    Hands down one of my favourite bond theme songs

  21. Hungry Hiker

    Ive finally gotten what this song is about, fantastic writing

    1. TheCometAttack

      @Aravindh Kumar I think its a conversation between M and Bond.

  22. Asidey

    Why did they not use this version in the film?
    The film has a poor audio version.
    Theres three versions of this song that Ive heard.

  23. Roland Stagliano

    What an awesome singer!
    Here is my acoustic cover

  24. Darran Waldram

    Dam I wish I could sing like this God bless you Chris hope youre at peace.

  25. Glozboy22

    This song just capped the perfection that was Casino Royale.

  26. hanscombe72

    Oh man the title sequence was so good. The abstract images of killers in suits. The black outline of Bond resolving into Craig. You knew you were in for a new ride. Kill number one in the office with a picture of his wife and kids on the desk. Kill number two in a bathroom in Pakistan. Drowning the unfortunate bastard in a sink and then shooting him dead. James Bond. Carved from a hunk of Scottish granite. Eton, Fettes, Royal Navy. Special boat service. Her majesty’s devoted assassin.

  27. Marcos Furtado

    Musica top = Filme top

  28. Elijah Larre

    I still cant be abble to handle hes death ,he was so beautifull and with a powerfull and amazing voice why Chris whyyyyyyy 😢

  29. Laura Brandolini

    Che Dio ti benedica ovunque tu sarai con la tua voce farai cantare gli angeli

  30. Lee Croft

    My favourite Bond theme, my favourite Bond movie.

  31. Morcegão Hateado

    You known my name. Im Batman!!!!!

  32. Diligent One-Six

    The Song for every Action montages.

  33. Valfar Ein Windir

    One the best musicians ever.

  34. keinish77

    1:48 you never saw me change the game of Wii ive been playing.
    I hope you are playing Mario Kart in heaven my dude

    1. Bruce “Appleseed” Kaolina


  35. Simon James theRumster Rummy O Rumfitt

    My Man. For Eternity.

  36. SuperFighter 064

    R.I.P. you magnificent singer.

  37. Janio

    RIP Sean Connery (1930-2020)🙏

  38. Gibran Lahud

    Rest In Peace, man. God bless you.


    In memory of Chris Cornell (1964 – 2017)

  40. Lilian Tan

    He is bond, James bond. 007 in detail.

  41. youngmi hong

    I remembered your name. Chris!!!

  42. Mister Fastidio

    My name is Bond, James Bond.

  43. Home One

    Never been a fan of David Arnolds Bond music but this is the only decent recent Bobd song. Shame it was ruined by being awfully mixed and awfully compressed.

    1. blah blah

      how do you mean, if you dont mind me asking?

  44. Gracjan Rötke

    Alice Cooper called him the voice in the industry. Miss your talent & your voice! 👏🙏

  45. Klaudia Julia


  46. Stefan Miljković

    After Maddonas autotune crap for ‚‚Die Another day , this James Bond theme is AWESOME!

  47. Borat Sagdiyev

    Has to be the best Bond song to date

  48. Ali Vardar

    Yes I know your name Chris!

  49. Camilo Camacho

    Paying tribute to this master! 🙌🏻
    Trying to sing this song .. with permission of you all, I share with you this cover..

  50. Basuki Dutta

    king of alternative rock grunge hero chris cornell I loved nearly all of songs of soundgarden like black hole sun,the day i tried to live.Audioslave also had many hits singles like cochise,like a stone.
    From chris solo albums i loved songs like You know my name from casino royale film.

    1. Donald

      Seasons by Chris is his best ever solo song and was recorded in 1991

  51. Mary Hecs

    The best Bond theme song ever !

  52. Takumi Sekiguchi Sloan

    The greatest Bond theme, from one of the greatest artists of all time.

    1. Peter Haldane

      Caleb Collier So right:)

  53. Ciaran Damien Bradley (Bradderzlad)

    One of my favourite Bond themes in the Daniel Craig era as James Bond

    1. Armando Yair González Aréchiga

      @TheGoldenKnight Period!

    2. TheGoldenKnight

      My favourite Bond theme, period!

  54. Kirigaya Kizame

    This Is First James Bound Ever I Watch And Song Ever I Love it

  55. Rudys Mom

    If you take a life do you know what youll give?
    Odds are, you wont like what it is
    When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me?
    By the merciless eyes Ive deceived?

    Ive seen angels fall from blinding heights
    But you yourself are nothing so divine
    Just next in line

    Arm yourself because no one else here will save you
    The odds will betray you
    And I will replace you
    You cant deny the prize, it may never fulfill you
    It longs to kill you
    Are you willing to die?
    The coldest blood runs through my veins
    You know my name

    If you come inside things will not be the same
    When you return to the night
    And if you think youve won
    You never saw me change
    The game that we have been playing

    Ive seen this diamond cut through harder men
    Than you yourself, but if you must pretend
    You may meet your end

    Arm yourself because no one else here will save you
    The odds will betray you
    And I will replace you
    You cant deny the prize, it may never fulfill you
    It longs to kill you
    Are you willing to die?
    The coldest blood runs through my veins

    Try to hide your hand
    Forget how to feel
    (Forget how to feel)
    Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel
    (Spin of the wheel)

    Arm yourself because no one else here will save you
    The odds will betray you
    And I will replace you
    You cant deny the prize, it may never fulfill you
    It longs to kill you
    Are you willing to die?
    The coldest blood runs through my veins
    You know my name

    You know my name
    You know my name
    You know my name
    You know my name
    You know my name
    You know my name

    RIP Chris Cornell
    Youre an angel that fell from a blinding height but flew to heaven – to a place you now recall as home.

    1. Tom Irek

      By the Merciless eyes of DECEIT. Really nice one there bro🖐😊

  56. kristorn11

    One of the best singers in the world ever. Period.

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