Casino krasnaya polyana casino haberleri

By | 31.08.2020

Vladimir osipov spor bahisleri yorumları.

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132 thoughts on “Casino krasnaya polyana casino haberleri

  1. Adis Golos

    This video is so disappointing and the title misleading. I lived and worked in Sochi and around some 30 years ago for one year, and the city was beautiful even then. Here, city is not shown at all. We only see reporters head and interiors of some spaces and the owners. but not Sochi at all.

  2. Ayush Shukla

    RUSSIA and INDIA are the only two places in the world with so much of geographical diversity within a single country . Where Mother India is alot more choatic due to its vast Social diversity , Mother Russia is monotonous .

    1. Dave Hughes Farm

      umm guess you never drove from Missouri to California

  3. hitstick567

    i takeoff from here all the time in dcs

  4. the phoenix 315

    Sochi looks impeccable. It looks more prosperous, prestigious and sophisticated more than most UK and US i.e. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, St Louis, Sheffield, Birmingham or Manchester!

    1. Dave Hughes Farm

      Probably is..10 times better than detroit or memphis hellholes

  5. Jakub Chabros

    Why ? Because it was blessed by Putin. That could be wonderful vacation spot until You will find out that this is still Russia with no democracy and human rights.

    1. KartonnenDoos

      Jack Smith brainwashed idiot. Russia is a democracy and there are more human rights than america in america u cant even grow vegetables in ur own garden lol

  6. Just A Normal Sponge

    I always thought that sochi is in south korea.

  7. Veronichka

    Sochi is very safety and amazing city!

  8. Slinger599

    This looks like a Russian sponsored advertisement for Travel / vacation advertising

    1. KartonnenDoos

      Slinger599 and you look like a dumb person

    2. kOhnR

      I think this video is somehow hacking the elections in several countries at the same time. We must stop it !

    3. Sean Steel

      Yes, anything nice about Russia is a direct advertisement paid by Vladimir Putin. Sigh ! The western main stream media has really made you guys braindead.

    4. Nicholas The Best

      right they should tell shit about Russia as some Fake News & Mainstream Media
      cast-iron logic

    1. berzengi1

      by the way, muslim chircassians are indigenous dwellers of the whole region.

    2. I breathe Napalm

      Hyperborean Colonialism Ahem, Im an IT student soooo

    3. Retired Shitposter

      Russophobia!! Disgusting racists, sexists and bigots watch NatGeo. SAD.

    4. Andrei Skobtsov

      do you really like your own comments? lame.

  9. ravin clean

    Im a simple person I see Russia I click

  10. Danny Contreras

    Beautiful, Im thinking of moving there 😉

  11. Nicholas The Best

    So many stupid brainwashed libtards here
    Hope your hatred will harm you bad one day.

    1. Nicholas The Best

      oh wow how dare me to comment on their very peaceful & tolerant hatred?! Im BAD!
      PS as 4 me I dont hate anybody unlike these stupid libtards
      as 4 u your hatred wont do you any good so calm down.

    2. Aint no Slice

      +Nicholas Petrov Do you here yourself? You hope these libtards (throw that label unto anything why dont you, baseless accusation) deserve harm because of their hatred do they? Wow, what a peaceful, tolerant ideology you have their mate. Look at your hatred. The irony just goes right over your head.

  12. Da Great Muhchiees

    did anyone else notice that lekia devida has hichi/suck marks on her neck?

  13. ConnollyCove

    Beautiful place…I liked it. 🙂

  14. Sean Steel

    $23 a night for that beautifully renovated garage? I will take it 🙂

  15. Zhonguoria

    Russia uses the Cyrillic alphabet, so the city is spelled Cочи

  16. War

    lmfao at all the tinfoil hat ppl who say this was a sponsored video.

    1. KartonnenDoos

      Mark Rutte mee eens ik ga er deze zomer heen

  17. Gregory Warren

    It look like to me europe in Russia is one of the only two places you can go and see black people as gods in the church whats up with that America

  18. Fesno

    Personally Im moving to Russia USA invaded. Europe is invaded. Privyet Russia!❣️

    1. coroso136

      Sochi is invaded by russians themselves. Learn history. Under the beaches of sochi lies a cemetery

  19. Auswandern Weltweit - 296k

    nice video!

  20. Himanshu Dahiya

    I have visited sochi 2 times and i love this city . I see mostly tourists just went to moscow n st Petersburg but missed out this amazing city .
    Its a must must city to visit. Love from india .

  21. Adler RC FPV team

    Sochi and Adler is an amazing cities located between snowy mountains and the sea. Very beautiful nature- forests, canyons and waterfalls!

    1. Adler RC FPV team

      Realy? Captain obvious) Наша Адлерская деревня- это отдельный город! We believe that the Adler is our small village!)

    2. Irina Vu

      Adler RC FPV team Adler is not the city, it is a distrikt of a Big Sochi´.

  22. ScootMagoot46

    The event venues are whats dying/wasting money.

  23. Антон Горбачёв

    Beautiful place! I was there two times in 2016 🙂

  24. Jewish Gecko

    Wow, didnt know theres that much hate towards Russia.

    1. Nicholas Herr

      Unfortunately the reds return it. Origin i do not know but it is historical. They forget they worship a Jew.
      Jesus. Lenin also had a jewish mother (weiss). There have been many famous and talented Jewish residents as everyone knows. So not to worry

    2. Конрад Карлович (Михельсон)

      OK. give the prooflink to this book. I will read

    3. Jewish Gecko

      phil tripe i mean modern Russia

  25. Chansai Commerce17

    COOL ++++++++++++++++++++++

  26. lucky man

    Attention!!! Very good SAUNA in the center of St. Petersburg with russian girls.., just call +7(812)987-5555 , open 24

    1. Bored PandaTV

      Александр Ситнюк whats the deal ?

  27. the phoenix 315

    Love to Sochi from the UK! 🙂

  28. Shahzad Aslam

    Yee agreed Sochi is a wounder place, saw some other movies of this place love from Pakistan for Russia hope somebody i will be there

  29. David Zhabin

    Wow! Thats a great city!

  30. Redhead Russkie

    as a sochi resident sochis good to visit but not so much to live in

  31. Nicholas Herr

    Churchkhela name of delicious atring candy. Had it in old sochi bet it remains in?new sochi. The georgian grape juice IS BEST IN WORLD.
    Go or vacation there. I may reside there. Its so much more than atla tic city!

  32. AN NT

    It looks like an ad from Natgeo.

    1. SimplySatisfiedSarah

      Сергей Чумаков interesting to know. Thanks for the input!

    2. Сергей Чумаков

      SimplySatisfiedSarah, Its different only on the surface. But if you really simply satisfied, welcome to Sochi.

    3. Сергей Чумаков

      Cheap ad, Id say. Average Russian citizen cant afford Rosa Hutor, and real garage renting industry looks waaay more shitty and expensive. Not mentioned problems with sewage system in town, locals say that it hasnt been repaired since soviets and fresh shit dumps strait to the sea. In confirmation to this – overcrowded local hospital with people (especially children) with gastrointestinal infections during summer season. Me and my child were sick for three to five days every vacation we were there. But who cares! Tourist infrastructure that was built for olimpic games hasnt paid off itself, so they trying to attract international tourists by buying those ads.

    4. SimplySatisfiedSarah

      I think its nice to see a different side of Russia for a change

    5. Fire Heart

      Anmol Nautiyal , it is. Apparently NatGeo became putins little b*tch. Sad…

  33. Uohjkk Jjhkoo

    Me and my family were born in sochi

    1. Best Lyrics

      @KartonnenDoos occupants 🤬 Killers😡😡

  34. reln72

    A beautiful city. Unfortunately, according to this clip there isnt much to do there. I think they could have spent another minute or two talking about the hikes, attractions, spots in the area. The video didnt do it justice.

  35. Kristina Travelina

    I live not far from Sochi, I am waiting for summer just for going there 😍😍

  36. Max Willner

    Ive stayed in seven stars before like the Burj Al Arab these hotels are appalling

  37. GuHP20 •

    Too bad its circuit is bad

  38. The Man

    Dont listen to the moron liberals.This is great place with great people.Felt more safe there than on streets of LA or new york or paris france.

  39. kaustuv banerjee

    Neutral opinion after long time in western media. Not usual beating eastern countries.

  40. Mkirk1210

    dude…30 seconds in. His car took off like luxury car….youtube turn off

  41. Hashem Saleh

    People hating a certain land/country forget that were all stuck in this lonely little planet.. srsly put your shits together and live your life before you die hating other people.

    1. Zainul Zainul

      3DHDcat Dunno about Somalians, but people are turning Muslims every second and your loved ones might be next. So I guess you ve got nowhere to go…except the grave. There are a vareity of ways for that.

    2. 3DHDcat

      Hashem Saleh true but Id rather not live with Muslims or Somalians.

  42. sqlb3rn segfavlt

    seems ironic, white russians playing music invented by african americans.

  43. Toro Loco

    i thought sevastapol in crimea is also a beach resort city

  44. M-East Girl

    Love for Russia from China

  45. dotdot

    Who wanna go beach and a fan of Wengie ??!?!

  46. UniDeathRaven

    I know where i will buy my next home!

  47. Diego Nunez

    Dont get it twisted, Americans have respect for Russia. Dont let the corporate media or the regressive Left tell you otherwise.

  48. Maximus7777

    so many butthurt in comment section..
    love russia from india

  49. spasev

    American and British media and their lies have done more damage to themselves than to Russia. Love for Russia from USA

  50. ABbanta

    that is not the only beach resort in Russia tho

  51. Jerry K

    Sponsored by the Vladimir Putin Board of Tourism.

  52. truthcrusades

    So many brainwashed idiots in the comment section. Even I, as an American, know Russia is a great nation with vast land, culture, diversity, and history. I would love to visit Sochi.

    1. elena79rus

      You should. It is beautiful in the summer. Its like a combo between Miami (tropical plants and palm trees) and LA (mountains).

  53. Arsen s

    roza khutor is disgustingly expensive place to visit. I personally would travel to turkey or Slovenia than going to Sochi.

  54. jeezleweez F

    Video sponsored by Vlad Putin.

  55. Sam Shultz

    Keyword: one of Russias best not THE best

  56. Alexander Alex

    Sochi was part of Kingdom of Georgia from 10th to 15th century until dissolution of united Georgia under George VIII. Sochi became part of Kingdom of Imereti within principality of Abkhazia from 1490 to 1810 until the invasion of Russian Empire in South Caucasus.

  57. elena79rus

    The most beautiful city in Russia.

  58. Benji

    Sochi is Georgia occupied by Russia, get your shits together sergei

    1. Rebeli Argum

      You are talking about Abkhazia. And its not occupied.

    2. berzengi1

      Circassia forever, nor Russaia, not Georgia

    3. berzengi1

      read the history of the place and think again/

    4. Кот Базилио ТВ

      lol. Georgia is a district of Abkhazia occupied by Nibiru

  59. Dbricksaw C

    Finally a video about Russia

    1. KartonnenDoos

      Random Person so just because this is a positive video about russia its sponsored? Ok….

  60. Murad Jaloukh

    1864 check that out NAT GEO

  61. Brick World

    Not really a ghost town in my opinion

  62. Вольдемар

    I was in Sochi. The Crimea is much more beautiful. But in Crimea, infrastructure is worse.

  63. Zainul Zainul

    Sub tropical growth in Russia? What s the maximum temprature it can reach there? I know this may sound stupid, but palm trees grow there?

    1. Zainul Zainul

      Владимир Патриот ok, spasebo.

    2. Владимир Патриот

      look at the map. Russia is a very big country. the climate is varied.
      climatic zones 1. Arctic 2. Subarctic Legion 3. Moderate 4. Subtropical
      For example in Sochi, about 8 months a year you can swim in the sea (the sea is warm). Also it is possible in the summer (when frying) to swim in the sea and after about an hour. go to the mountains for a ski resort. where the snow lies for a year.

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