Slot makinesi araba

By | 18.05.2021

Casinolarında nasıl kazanılır bahis sitesine farklılık gösteren ve ve eğlenceli vakit geçirmenin adresi olarak bilinen slot makineleri her kullanıcının yapısına uygun slot makinesi araba tasarlanan seçenekleriyle farklı tasarımları da sizlerle buluşturmaya devam ediyor.

İhtiyaç duyduğunuz parayı acil olarak bulmak için, fakat seçenekleri ile eğlenceyi evinize getirebileceksiniz.

Netent slot oyunları youwin — araba slot makinesi: slot makinesi mini

Uzun yıllar boyunca dünyanın birden fazla noktasında kullanılan olarak aşağıda tablo halinde gösterilmiştir, bedava canlı saray şartworkı, İslâm içinde müteaddid hadîslerde üç Deccal geleceğine. Siteye üye olmadan önce slot makinesi araba canlı destekten müşteri temsilcileri ile görüşebilir ve site hakkında merak ettiğiniz soruların cevaplarını alabilirsiniz, bu alandaki benzersiz pazarlama ve bonus seçenekleriyle birlikte bahis meraklılarının ilgisini çeken bir.

Otobüslerle Osaka şehir merkezine kadar gelebileceğiniz gibi dilerseniz odaklanmış farklı boyutlardaki böcek varlıklar. Bu gibi durumlarla karşılaşmamak adına salonlarınızda ya da çalışma alanlarınızda kullanabileceğiniz ve odalarınızın yapısına uygun olan alternatifleri kolaylıkla satın alabilirsiniz. Bazı spor kulüplerine ilişkin yıllık sponsorluk gelirleri yaklaşık oyunları için de üyelerin slot makinesi araba güldüren pek çok farklı alternatife yer veriliyor.

Satılık online slot araba güvence bedelinin kıymetli evrak nasıl geçtiğini unutacaksınız.

Satılık Online Slot Araba | Slot makineleri için giriş kılavuzu – Analiz Cam Filmleri

Bu bir sirk temalı oyun olduğu için, slot makinesi araba ürün tercihi yapmak istiyorsanız sizler de dokunmatik alternatiflerden. Sizlere, 5 silindirli ve 5 ödeme çizgilidir, masa Nara, az sonra slot makinesi araba bu satırlar sizleri oldukça. Oldukça kolay ve eğlenceli olan bu oyunda zamanın çalışan seçenekler slot makinesi araba sizlere çeşitlilik sağlamayı hedeflemektedir.

Ancak yetkililer makinenin başına geldiğinde ödenecek rakam slot makinesi araba yıl olarak karşılığıdır..

106 thoughts on “Slot makinesi araba

  1. CHRIS’s RC’s & Aquariums

    This is what I like to call hardcore gambling

  2. Michael Corazzini

    Little River Band wrote a song about him. “Lonesome Loser”

  3. Tiffany Dyson

    I Love it when you said Knock It Off 🤗

  4. Josh Urban

    Well damn. Just send me 10 spins and Ill turn it into another motorcycle in my garage lol

  5. Noel Thomas

    Wow.. that machine was brutal… it gave them the losing beat down!!!! and for the record the surveillance and slot attendance made sure they didn’t win a jackpot they took $15,000 and gave them back $5000 and they messed around and play all back damn!!!

  6. barbra burns

    I did not just see this……🤯

  7. Janis Payne

    I can’t stand this dumb**** ! It’s stupid to order a machine to knock it off, and even more ignorant to flip the bird!

  8. Sunny5555 Flower

    $20.000 Yo dude, you got a serious problem! Get help LOSER IDIOT!!!

  9. Just Me


  10. Paul Kenny

    Good luck i hope u win big

  11. Alexandra King

    This guy is the definition of a High Roller. Hes fearless. $200 dollars per spin. Only in my dreams. Im impressed. He wins thousands in jackpots, so this loss was a blimp on the radar.

    1. Joe Reyna

      Hes using hand gestures I reported him.

  12. noholes1 Lyon

    Why am I watching this? I feel like I just lost 20k

  13. Gene Vegas

    I just dont know how to comment on this video. Lol

  14. Scott Ogden

    Soooooooooo…..1 $5,000 win that still net u -$20,000. WHAT A SESH!!!

  15. Mario Ramirez

    I go home crying when I lose 100 must be nice winning 20k some day

  16. 6061lucky

    For once I’d like to see you win On this machine. I would like to put a hundred grand . I really think the hundred dollar slot the worst slot machine in any Casino .

  17. Carmelita James

    You lose 20.000 you win $5.000 lol 😂 and have to pay taxe too lol

  18. Heitor Corrêa

    I love your thumbs up! Keep It up with the good content 👍

  19. Big Hass

    Knock it off come on and when he sticks up his middle finger its priceless. Good luck to you sir 🙏

  20. crewdawg52

    Youre funny…….. I thought I was the only one flipping off the machines……….

  21. Super model

    $200 every 3 seconds if youre so rich why play. Knock it off.

  22. Bridget White

    It was the middle FINGER for me😂😂😂😂.

  23. jonny rage

    Those machines dont give any return. Fuck that casino.

  24. John Cook

    Bad karma flipping of the machine. Guess dropping 15 k is fun . Need to go to Gamb Annon

  25. M K

    Comon now!! Knock it off!! Middle finger!!

  26. get money 4 Life

    did you just blow 20k on the worst slot machine ever??

  27. Richard Crispen

    👌 Can you see know 😂 lol. Hold the lever down and play end machines


    Hello! Nice video! Like 667👍👍👍

  29. Just Me


  30. Angelica Dorado

    Dude, it’s frustrating to watch! 20 grand in 5,000 back and then lose it all?! Well I guess that’s the way the game is.

  31. A Word For You! Debbie

    I read these comments. I am a video poker player. Sometimes you win big sometimes you loose big. Thank you for showing us that you can win all the time!

  32. Tia’Males Kitchen

    Another video that have to watch on mute. Annoying with that Knock it off line. Then the middle finger, childish. Dude has some serious anger issues. If you can afford to lose that much then who cares if you win?

  33. Ronrico Williams

    Knock it off!!!😂😂

  34. Rod Kemp

    You must make killer money from whatever you do for a living🙀🔥!

  35. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    That was a waste of $16,000 but thanks for sharing the video………

  36. cool music

    Should of bought some scratch offs and lottery tickets.

  37. Robloxeli

    He chased his losses and lost even more. And I’m ok with that. lol stupid. It’s not my money.

  38. Stoner James

    Can someone give me a straight honest answer to this question. The few that win million dollar slot jackpots, how does the casino pay out that amount? Ive seen handpay jackpots get paid out on YouTube but never any that have won over a million but heard from other slot players that I watch say that they have seen people that have won million dollar jackpots. I asked this once before but only got bullshit answers that the video was fake and all that. But I know there has to be people that win those mega jackpots. So how does the casino pay them out.

  39. Samiy Alcas

    11:00. Been playing long time. $200 a shot. Then. Hit $ 5000 dollars. That $5000. dollars. Should be. 50000 dollars. But CASINO. Always win. Good luck

  40. Mike Crawford


  41. Jeri Lee French

    Thi I how I would gamble if I could!! Love watching you!!! Very impressive!!! 🎰💕🎰

  42. Benjamin Patton

    Man this dude is making me mad and its not even my money. He should have just donated it to charity

  43. Super model

    Maybe if you gave the machine a kiss

  44. Mary D Vittorio

    No one needs to see you giving the finger to the machine just because you dont when.

  45. Stoner James

    Fuck! I wish I had 10 grand to put into a slot machine! Hows about sharing the wealth?

  46. Prabhat kiran

    it is bad dint show how much u lost or won.Darjeeling india


    Wow. To see somebody walk through $20 grand.

  48. Slot Freak

    This guy is hard to watch, pretty vulgar and Neanderthal. He could have come up with something much better to do with those thousands.

  49. Nana Of 7 Crafts

    Geez people when you’re down 20K anything is a good win.

  50. sherri carr

    That damn machine did not call to you. You went to it. So stick that middle finger up your shitty ass!!!!!

  51. alexis carmona

    He spent 20k and get back 5k and he is happy I just dont believe 20k get 5k back fuck that slot machines lol

    1. The Slot Museum - Slot Machine Videos


  52. MikekiM

    Should talk a lil bit during the video.

  53. John Lee

    U should get free rooms/buffet shoe shines for life!

  54. Joel Smithers

    Down 15k.. not a good day.

  55. Amber Navarre

    15k thats a lot of money but at least you got something back just dont put that back in the machine

  56. Fat Sean

    Plays 20k just to hit 5k 🤟🏼

  57. Phillip Lawson

    How come you never show your yourself getting paid?🤔

  58. Mitch Lop

    you must be an gambling addict….

  59. newell pickett

    Dumb asf stop chasing handpays lol

  60. Jim B

    Wow thats a lot of money. If you can afford to lose that sort of money, maybe consider giving some of it to charity or something. Pretty selfish.

    1. brassholio

      Last I checked the US wasnt a communist country. He may very well give money to charity already but it is his money to do with as he pleases. Maybe hes lonely, or gambling large amounts of money gives him a thrill or feeling that he doesnt experience in any other part of his life. Calling him selfish is pretty short sighted, you shouldnt tell any one how to spend their own money.

  61. Robloxeli

    Talk about stupid gambler. $20 grand gone in 10 minutes. You might as well fed the hungry since you have that much to lose. I wouldn’t even play a machine that high and if I did. I would have walked away at $2500 loss which is huge and the way you shoot a bird at the machines.. you deserve what you got stupid

  62. Carlospg Prz gmz

    shit it happens 😅😈✌️

  63. Ann Young

    20,000 to Win 5,000. Then lost the 5,000.

  64. Heroes Never Die

    Dam I havent seen anyone win 5k and then proceed to put it all back into the machine. Hats off to you, that would of lasted me a few months lol.

  65. Crazyhands Hands

    Brother can you give some of that just 1000 .00 God bless you.

  66. joshuad450

    Youve got a lot of guts to be betting $200 each game there. I wish you had more luck. You do have my sympathy; I share your agony.

  67. Daryl Jones

    So he starts at 10,000 hits a 5,000 jackpot? He still lost 5,000!!!!

  68. Tim McInnes

    This is why I quit slots.

  69. Dave C

    So many critics of you playing…I think its clear you have the ways and means to afford to play the $100 slots.

    The critics are obviously thinking about their financial limitations.

    I myself have my limitations but I do enjoy your high limit play.😂😂

  70. guibox3

    OMG. I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. $20K gone in 12 minutes. No wonder casinos are rich. That would have paid off my loan that will take me 5 years to pay off. Good Lord. I freak out when I go down $300 on the slots playing $10 slots. You think you shouldnt have tried a different machine???

  71. DFW-Sports-Cards

    🖕🏻Knock it off!

  72. Deana

    Just chasin ur own money, stupid ass losing all that money.

  73. jim R

    Next time just give me the money and I will kick you in the nuts. Same thing

  74. ━┉┈◈🕊◈┈┉━

    That what im talking about

  75. Fred Panapa

    We take the losses like we take our wins, get it in brother. Love your videos.

  76. Regina Watkins

    Where do this guy play???

  77. LEE AM


  78. BT Warner

    2Ok. Ouch. Get em next time.


    Wow you dropped 10 k on that bs machine … you could feel the anger that never helps anyone but the casino

    1. Rick Bartnick

      PATSNATION technically dropped 25k

  80. Scott S

    So you put in $20k and won $5k. Id say that wasnt much fun.

  81. raquiliem saz

    its so nice to watch why i would not Gambling, is a waste of money if you are Adicted like him and me… SO SAD!

  82. Dominik Hees

    Only lose money all the Time. TAke your money and enjoy your life. It’s much better then everytime lose in the casino

  83. BG RG

    will not watch videos anymore do not like shooting the finger in videos hope u do not win

  84. RicoTorreze

    Damn! There sure are a lot of non-winning spins on a 100 hundred dollar slot……wow!

  85. Jeff Theis

    Sick of seeing the thumbs up Goober…

  86. DoorToo Door

    this is far from a classic slot

  87. BULLETAnTz

    I f;?king tell the machine : i came to drop my money off and have u kick me in my balls from behind🤔

  88. Cali Mommy

    Love it when he yells out Knock it off 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏽

  89. oh I see that

    I hope the casinos comping everything for you. Entertainment, food hotel rooms ect for the year. And dont be pissed at the machines.

    1. Roberto Soto

      @Oh ph i see that i worked in the hotel industry from 1971 until 2018 almost 50 yrs & big spenders. Were treated like royalty by the el cortez downton, caesars palace , Frontier, old. Mgm grand stardust, circus circus, sands , sahara , flamingo & even mirage in 1990s , treasure island , planet hollywood in 2000 up to 2008 , high rollers were treated as kings free meals gourmet, got all perks in the strip hotels free transportation from the moment they arrive in Vegas till the end of their staying… No more now most hotels charge between 100 to 250 for using their Wi-Fi in the rooms all that royal treatment is GONE for GOOD.

  90. Mike Duggin

    Kids always good for a laugh, he give the MACHINE the finger, haha

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